snapshots and observations

Monday, 3 May 2010

iphone food pics

sorry about the quality of these. i just found them on my iphone.

first pic is the meal i always have at a pub called the junction
in tufnell park. every time we go, i scan the menu and on each
occasion i find the only thing i can eat is...

ricki lake and jockeys
they always try to spoil it with cress or some other such green item,
but i always manage to get the message to the kitchen to just
keep it pure.

the next photo was my meal at a wedding last year. it was at a very
posh restaurant in mayfair. i looked at the menu and the main course
was full of things i couldn't eat ( vegetables and things )
i was just beginning to get my sulk on when the waitress brought
me this...
fish and chips !

the bride had given instructions to the restaurant a few weeks earlier
about my 'dietary requirements' and this is what they came up with.
genius !

and finally, a photo from a posh restaurant where i asked for a
side portion of jockeys...
i swear i nearly cried when they brought this to me.
it's like love and hate on the same plate... good and evil perhaps ?
i was not happy.


  1. Sod the green stuff that can be flicked into the surrounding shrubbery when no one is looking but 4? 4, that's just a human rights violation!

  2. You are lucky you got 4, they usually send 2.