snapshots and observations

Monday, 24 May 2010

gucci silver leather hi-tops

a couple of weeks ago i treated myself to some new heat.
from the gucci pop-up shop in covent garden.

heavy duty tote bag with nice tags

decent box with red and blue elasticated ribbon to hold the lid

inside the box, wrapping paper that is a map of london and a drawstring
bag with red and blue cord.

also a beautiful golden booklet illustrating the history of gucci.
there's a photo in it that gerry would like... peter sellers at heathrow
airport with a gucci bag

it's all about the details with these bad boys...
the stitching, the eyelets, the amazing leather and heavy silver tags.

they were only available for two weeks and only from the london pop-up store.

blue leather lace tags with silver printing

and here they are today as i get ready to drive to wales

like a boss !


  1. your such a fashion victim! won't dare ask how much these bad boys cost.

  2. outstanding packaging! Gets me every time.....

  3. not to overshadow the rather flash kicks ......