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Saturday, 8 May 2010

pigeon sh*t

i saw these pigeons 'dancing' the other day when i was having
a disappointing coffee.

they made me think of jeff staple.

jeff is doing his utmost to make the humble city pigeon respectable.
for those of you who don't know jeff, here's the best way to learn about him...

i have a pigeon t-shirt which i picked up from his
shop 'reed space' in new york last year.
it has the trademark pigeon poop on the back !
( the poop is life-size )

i also have a special pigeon t-shirt from two years ago which he gave away to 
those brave people who queued up outside reed space for the new balance
grey pigeon drop. 
it also has a small backprint...

and a new era pigeon baseball cap that he also gave away
complete with... you guessed it...
jeff signed the cap as well... on the underside of the peak. top man.

he also signed the box of the nb pigeons for me...
peace to pigeons indeed !

so, let's have a look inside the box...
these are the only pair of new balance in my collection and i'm never going to
wear them. they will stay in the box or on display here in whitfield towers.
here's the back view...

and guess what is printed on the insole of the right shoe ?
you knew it.

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