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Thursday, 6 May 2010

thursday work

breakfast this morning after a meeting in victoria.
these little cafe's were originally only for taxi drivers, but nowadays
anybody can use them. 
magic darts !

i had a shoot in camden at 10.30am.
it was a portrait of a man who bought a sink off ebay...
well, it's a long story but in the course of setting up the shot
i asked my assistant ( bad twin ) to stand in place and hold one of my cases,
( in the finished shot this would be the subject holding the sink )

wait a minute... she's not giving me the usual look...
that's right... it's not bad twin... it's good twin !

good twin was on good form. she was so polite that afterwards she even
pretended to be interested when i told her the long, long story of how i 
discovered that the sea is a cruel mistress...

while telling the story of my adventures on the high seas, i sipped 
on a very strong and expensive latte...

then home to edit, to blog and then out to another shoot at 5pm.

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