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Sunday, 9 May 2010

my weekend...

i didn't take many photo's this weekend, but here they are anyway.

first up, a saturday morning trip to fernandez and wells
where gordon the barista who did this...
knocked up a perfect latte for me.

it was a bit daaaaaark ( as darren jack would say ) in this branch
so i took my coffee outside to photograph it.

afterwards we had a look around selfridges.
in the book department i spotted some of my favourite welsh noir novels...

i recommend them most heartily.

feeling more peckish than somewhat, we took a drive to the bull and last.
the menu looked interesting...

what the what ?!

take a closer look...


i was a bit hank marvin and also unsure regarding how well endowed skates were
so i plumped for the burger

the pickles had no chance and grrr ! triple cooked chips...

jackie also plumped for the burger. here is what they gave her

and here is the version they gave me

nice and tidy !

let's have a closer look at the controversial member of the chip family

yeah whatever...

moving on to sunday. what can i say ? every time i dine at the table
i always forget to ask for breakfast without salad. today i plumped for poached eggs
on toast with a side of bacon only to for it to arrive infront of me
swimming in greens !

i managed to pick around the salad and i finished a fair amount of 
the breakfast...

then i ordered up a flat white.

which turned out to be a lot stronger than wigan athletic's defence.

grrr !

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