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Saturday, 29 May 2010

friday food and self-portraits

friday morning and on the way to my shoot in knightsbridge i stopped off
for a porridge break.
i got this from 'eat' at berkeley square.

i then made my way to a new restaurant to shoot interiors for a magazine
and self-portraits for my blog. i couldn't choose which pic to show, so this 
time there are two shots of me posing for the camera.

1. the arms folded pose

2. the arms by the side, thumbs in pockets pose
same facial expression in both shots though

in the afternoon i had a meeting in west london, then went back to the 
late 1960's to see my friend gerry for lunch at the elgin on ladbroke grove.
i ordered ham, egg and chips but look what happened...
ay caramba !
a bogus bit of salad or something on my ham.
i sent it back to the kitchen straight away and demanded a full refund...
...ok, i didn't do that, but i wasn't too pleased with the quality control at the elgin.

having said that... it was a corking meal.

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