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Friday, 7 May 2010

the rolls-royce of kitchens

we had a new kitchen fitted at whitfield towers a couple of years ago.

the bloke who turned up late every day to fit it, used to say to me
" you've got the rolls-royce of kitchens here mr. whitfield "

it was a nightmare of a job, and took much longer 
than planned to fit everything properly.

i promised the boss of the kitchen fitters that i would take a few
photos when it was all finished and to get into the spirit of his
workmen, i finally did some quick snaps for him about a year later.

so here it is... viewed from the living area
as you can see, it's quite small. perhaps 'the fiat 500 of kitchens'
would have been more accurate.

here's what it looks like as you enter.
not a pizza box in sight. nice and tidy.

this is the surface of the lower units
some sort of imitation wood.

there are no handles anywhere instead you open cupboards by scraping
your knuckles and trapping your fingers underneath the doors
with a sprinkling of industrial language thrown in.

the work surface is made out of corian.
made in germany and fitted by cockneys.
corian is amazing stuff. it's kind of welded together so there are no joins
also the sink is all part of the work surface.
smooth stuff.

here you can see my favourite part
the coffee maker.

also there in the corner is my collection of artist edition becks beer
bottles... there's a damien hirst, tracey emin, jeff koons and
yoko ono !
also some bottles of salt i brought back from tokyo only to
discover that you can buy them in a shop around the corner from the nordic bakery !

the hob effort is by miele
who i was told on a regular basis "make the rolls-royce of kitchen appliances"

the oven thing and the microwave are also by miele
i think the microwave is my second favourite bit of the kitchen

the corian worktop is a good old effort
one continuous piece, all curvy and smooth. 
i think the metal bits are for resting pans on

smooth as you like
this is where i would traditionally store breadcrumbs and bits of meat,
but no, not in this kitchen. it's all curvy with no places for
rubbish to collect.

and it also has a glass splashback running all around the walls
the glass was fitted by a bloke from norfolk who was so useless he made the 
kitchen fitter look professional.

still, it's all good now. 

and the finished kitchen... well, it looks like... dare i say it ?

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  1. Wonderful pics! I think it is one of the most beautiful and elegant kitchens that I have seen.