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Wednesday, 5 May 2010

south of the river

i had a shoot south of the river this morning.

i parked up near to a portuguese cafe / bar
and had this incredibly strong coffee. i asked for a double espresso
but it was like a quadruple espresso... maybe even bigger.

it was a very strange place. it was a big cafe with heaps of tables
and about 5 minutes after i sat down, the place filled up. i mean, really
filled up. strangers came in and shared tables, people standing up too.
everything in the place was portuguese, the newspapers, the telly, the 
staff, and no word of a lie i was the only non-portuguese person in there.
it didn't have menus and i needed something to eat to help my coffee.
i asked the waitress if i could have what the other people were eating
( everybody seemed to be eating toasted buns ) and she said in broken
english " sorry, speaka no english "
she made no effort to find anybody who did and lots more people came in
so i decided to make a move.

i was just looking on the net to find the place and all i could find was this 
a pretty similar review to mine. it looks like a great place but perhaps
it's only meant for portuguese people ?

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