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Sunday, 16 May 2010

saturday night ( home alone 4 )

my blog has been lighting up with people saying they couldn't follow 
the steps from my healthy eating book on friday night...

so last night i conjured up the same meal. please watch closely.

step 1
this is an essential step. without this step the whole meal gets messy.

step 2
here come the boys.

step 3
just throw the chicken fried rice in the general direction of the plate.

step 4
like a diamond bullet through the temple.

step 5 
( admire the meal from a different angle and inhale )
pure genius


  1. but is the curry sauce from the chinese or the chip shop?

  2. thanks for your question.
    all of the ingredients for this healthy meal were purchased at 'holy' the chinese take-away at 540 holloway road, london, n7

  3. I won't knock your choice of food, I think you've stumbled across a culinary delight, I will have to indulge myself with the same delightful dish, and perhaps a couple of glasses of good red.

  4. i'm glad you approve of it benito.

    it works well with a chilean merlot or with a nice australian syrah.

    be sure to let the wine breathe for a while though.


  5. Genius! Laugh out loud funny, and I don't mean one of those weak LOL things, this is proper laugh out loud funny.

  6. thanks gary.
    i'll be honest with you. i just re-read it myself and it made me laugh !