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Wednesday, 19 May 2010

tuesday evening

on tuesday evening me and mrs w went over to twentytwentyone
to check out their best of milan thing.

my eyes lit up when i saw this...
the opportunity to make a cheap knob gag at tom dixon's expense...
but no... i shouldn't... and infact the unfortunately named pressed glass hooks
were quite impressive. so thumbs up for these.

in my opinion, a little less impressive was this...
a d-i-y chair designed by enzo mari.
13 pieces of wood, 50-odd nails and a sheet of instructions.
and if you manage to do it all properly, it doesn't look that comfortable anyway.
lot's of sharp edges too.

this was a funny effort
it's a solid wooden stool but it has the appearance of being rippled... as if it's
made out of paper perhaps ?
i wasn't sure about it to be honest.

i liked this bad boy though. i liked this bad boy very much.
a chair by tom dixon. it's made of wood and has a nice feel to it.
it comes in white, black or my favourite... this hi-vis version.
very tidy tom.

my other favourite piece was this...
a big-ass sofa designed by michael sodeau.
it's finished in tweed and is a real beauty... unlike that bloke's backpack.

after a little while we headed over to the dartmouth arms to defend our title
of 'pub quiz champions'
fish is supposed to be good for the brain so i opted for haddock and chips
two big pieces of haddock balanced on top of a load of jockeys.
it came with tartare sauce and 'pressed' peas...
not exactly mushy peas but i ate them anyway.

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  1. but they are GREEN! Steps back in amazement.