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Saturday, 15 May 2010

home alone 3

last night i decided to have my favourite all time meal...

i know i've shown you this in the past, but it's a tricky meal to knock 
together and some of you may not have been able to follow the recipe
so here it is again.

step 1: take a big plate. once again i'm using the 12 inch diameter plate
presented to me by champneys health club after giving one of my famous
speeches on healthy eating.

step 2: empty a bag of chips onto it. we'll call this 'the base'

step 3: showing very little care, empty a carton of chicken fried rice
all over the jockeys... feel free to spill some over the edge of the plate

step 4: throw a carton of curry sauce on top. on this occasion i kept the sauce
on the plate, but it's quite acceptable to spill some onto the kitchen surface

here it is from another angle...

with a meal like this i recommend drinking grolsch with a splash of lime cordial in it.

i find it is best eaten infront of the telly while watching a dvd...
( i chose to watch 'district 9 ) 

'healthy eating - from churros to chips' by mark whitfield
is available at all bad bookshops


  1. MENTIROSO MENTIROSO todo el mundo sabe que viste 'Twilight'....'District 9' Que va!!

  2. how dare you ?!

    i watched twilight, then i watched district 9... i just 'forgot' to mention twilight.

    lo siento