snapshots and observations

Tuesday, 11 May 2010


i've been collecting prints over the past few years and
until now i haven't done anything about displaying them.

however, i bought an original 1967 cinema poster of the bobo
a few weeks ago

and yesterday i took it to a little place in clerkenwell to get it framed.

i decided to get the rest of my prints out to have a look at. to decide
if i should get any of them framed or not

so here they are...

here's a close-up of the above print


  1. Kermit, Screamadelica and Kung-Fu Fighting all deserve frames!

  2. Wow I~d never seen this post..and never realised how many amazing prints we have...I love the Gary Glitter one!! And the Mao ones, I feel so honored to have my etch there!!