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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

little one

i was just looking through an old hard drive and found these pics of 
one of my favourite ever assistants ( but don't tell her that )

i used to call her little one

here's a shot of us taking a break from doing a shoot in an 
architect's house... please ignore my barnet.

maybe i'm not helping here. shooting from above made her look even smaller.
and unhappier.

here she is preparing her trademark move... whenever i took my eye off her
she would clip my head with the lastolite. grrr !

she was a cheeky little thing

she stopped working for me when she moved to brighton 3 years ago to go to uni.

a little while ago i had a shoot in brighton, so i gave her a call and 
we did one more job together.
look how happy we were to be working with each other again.

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