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Saturday, 1 May 2010

krink edition nike air force 1

today i brought some serious heat to the streets.

these bad boys are so rare that i almost used capital letters to spell out 'rare'

i know they don't look that special from above. the gum sole is a nice touch 
but they just look like they are plain grey.

 but check out the details and the heat begins to hit you...
some subtle touches... krink lace jewels and silver tipped laces

krink instead of nike on the tongues

and krink instead of nike on the heel tabs
silver outsole and gum sole. nice combo.

these were designed by krink for nike and on the outer side of each shoe
feature the trademark drip style of krink's work
they work pretty well. the leather is a silver / grey colour and the krink
silver drip is not always noticable. when it catches the light it kicks out a little.

the shoes are covered in a 3m coating so when light hits them...

boom !
they really kick out.

they came boxed with a nike / krink silver marker too.

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