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Sunday, 2 May 2010


yesterday, breakfast choice at whitfield towers was hot cross buns
or yoghurt, pineapple, grapes and honey.
i asked the kitchen for the latter...
which was absolutely spot-on.

our weekend away in oxfordshire didn't materialise so
we headed off to the west end for coffee and shopping.

 i made a sneaky purchase at the dover street market

afterwards we went to the dsm warehouse sale in islington.
while queuing up to get in i took this shot of some people who
had just come out and were checking each other's clothes out...

when we got back home i noticed a new motor in the car park...
the new shape seat 600 is quite sporty eh ?

i unwrapped my dover street market buy...
a comme des garçons t-shirt

then in a shock move, i helped out a little in the kitchen by 
cooking up the chorizo i bought in leon a couple of weeks ago.
ay caramba !

it was spicy stuff.

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