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Saturday, 29 May 2010

world cup 2010 shirts

i'll try to do a few footy related blogs during the lead up to the world cup finals.

this first effort is to show my top 5 shirts that will be appearing at the finals.
i looked at a website and saw photos of all the shirts and have decided which
i like the look of best. 5 shirts that i think i'd wear.

before i show them, i'd just like to explain a few omissions.
i kind of like the england home shirt, but the collar... the collar just isn't right.
if you see one or touch one in a shop you'll understand what i mean. it's like it was
made by somebody else who had nothing to do with the rest of the shirt.
totally different material and strange proportions.
the collar feels like cardboard... personally i would prefer a round or v-neck.

also adidas... i think adidas have let themselves down badly this time.
most of their kits are in my opinion, very poor indeed.
spain and mexico could have been great shirts but oh no...
badly done adidas... badly done indeed.

so my top 5 shirts are all by nike. not because i like nike best. i love a proper
old school adidas with 3 stripes. also just missing out is the honduras away shirt
made by joma. it's just that this time i think nike have come out on top.

so here are my choices. all equal in my eyes and shown in alphabetical order.

1. australia ( home )
pretty simple, with a 70's look to it. i'd wear it.

2. brasil ( home )
nice and simple. adidas could have done this with spain and mexico. classic.

3. holland ( away )
this reminds me of a 1950's shirt, or even the shirts in the film 'escape to victory'

4. portugal ( home )
i love the combination of red and green. in fairness the away shirt is great too.

5. slovenia ( away )
different... unusual.

by the way... i couldn't see wales shirts anywhere on the world cup websites !

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