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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

rival joustas

my friend g-film used to manage a band called "rival joustas"

4 of the nicest young lads you could hope to meet.
talented, funny and with good hair !

i did quite a lot of photography for them and i thought i'd show some of
my favourite shots here...

first up, let me introduce you to the band...
left to right: morgan ( drums )   ben ( bass )    tom ( vocals )   scott ( guitar )

they rarely stood still for a photo, infact this is what usually happened
when i tried to get them to pose...

in fairness, tom was always up for posing
this was in scotland, on tour with the mystery jets.

this photo of ben in full flight was taken in spain, where they recorded their album.
top man ben...

here's morgan in the studio

and scott doing his thing...

and of course ben, 

they could play well in the studio, and they looked good on camera,
but playing live... playing live they were something special.
pretty pointless trying to show a live gig with stills but anyway...

here's tom doing his thing in manchester

i think this shot was just down the road at highbury corner

this shot of ben was in birmingham. 
i remember him nearly hitting me with his bass

the rest of the live pics were taken in camden when they were 
playing with the mystery jets and the spinto band

a rare shot of tom standing still

tom and ben

check out morgan's hair in the background

scott and ben during the instrumental break of "in oslo"

scott and morgan

and finally, my favourite live shot of the joustas...
morgan taking a breather between songs. 
i love the silhouette.

good times.

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