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Friday, 28 May 2010

nordic bakery. good twin. nordic bakery.

i had a meeting in victoria this morning. 
i was running early so i dropped by the nordic bakery for a decent coffee.

at lunchtime i got a call. a shoot for a newspaper. they needed me to 
photograph a girl eating a sandwich at a well known establishment
in the west end. i had to bring along my own girl though...
so i called good twin, she modelled for me ( and got a free sandwich )

obviously i had to get a shot of the two of us together after the shoot...

i'm the one on the right.

funnily enough, the place where we did the shoot was 3 doors away from
the nordic bakery !
it seemed rude not to pop in for a coffee so...

guess what ?
the barista made me a special latte. she said it was the first one she'd made
 with this design and she wanted me to be the first customer to have it.

boom !

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