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Thursday, 27 May 2010

snapshots from wales

the day after i got back from the lake district, i had to drive to god's own country
for a shoot near abergavenny ( gateway to wales )

i got to y fenni at about 7pm. feeling a bit peckish i went in search of a bowl of hot cawl...
unfortunately the cawl houses were all shut for the day so i did what anybody
searching for good food in wales would do...
i went to the chinese take-away.

boom !
chicken fried rice with curry sauce

i then retired to my room at the angel hotel and watched a film... zombieland
( don't bother )

in the morning i had the breakfast room to myself

it was all good. full welsh breakfast with brown toast, marmalade and filter coffee.

it was nice to see some black pudding kicking about on my plate after the 
let down breakfasts in the lake district.

on the way to my shoot i took a long time and put in a lot of effort to get a shot
of some welsh sheep grazing with a nice foreground, framed well and an
impressive background... yes it took me quite a while to get this shot...

... oh ok, i parked in a lay-by and wound the car window down and took two quick shots...

i spent a fortune buying antiques and collectables...

just look at the quality of this bad boy.

my shoot was at a pub called the walnut tree.
just inside the pub was this really tasty lino print...
after exchanging bore da's with the cleaner, i was given a coffee which was
almost as black as the ink on the print...

and i imagine, only slightly tastier.

although i had the 'hattie jacques' from four cups of stong black coffee,
i cracked on and shot some interiors...
taking time out for the self-portrait to show how happy i was to be in wales.

cymru am byth.

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