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Friday, 14 May 2010

home alone

i'm home alone for a few days as jackie has gone to france
with her ugly sisters.

time to get back on the marky diet.

first up, i think it's important to start the day with a healthy breakfast
so today i had this...

a double espresso and seven after eight mints.



  1. Excellent in theory, but in practice, the beverage should be substituted with ice cold Pepsi Max, from a freshly opened 2 litre bottle, and the mint chocs replaced with a family sized tear open pack of Maltesers. This is a true measure of manliness.

  2. identify yourself anonymous.
    just tell me your initials.
    you are obviously a teenage girl if you think pepsi max and maltesers make a satisfactory breakfast.

  3. Your detective skills are poor Whitfield.

    I was at the level you are currently at with double espressos and After Eights approximately 4 years ago.

    However, the good news, you still have an interesting journey ahead of you.

  4. this is outrageous !

    my maverick dietary methods are above question.

    how dare you suggest you are 4 years ahead of me. what kind of operation are you running there ?

    now heed my words...

    1. pepsi max should only be given to toddlers.

    2. maltesers are only consumed by women who's boyfriends have just left them.

    over and out.

  5. Incorrect again Whitfield.

  6. heath...
    i might have known you were behind this.
    i admire your sauce-style but you have already admitted to me that you know little about coffee.
    bring your 2 litre bottle of pepsi max over to the nordic bakery any day of the week and we can discuss dietary differences all afternoon.

  7. He's too busy tasting the new mature Marmite to answer this right now. He will get back to you tomorrow.

  8. thanks wilkes,
    keep an eye on him eh ?