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Friday, 14 May 2010

meeting up with old friends

yesterday i met up with two old friends...

firstly in the dog and duck in frith street, i bumped into timothy taylor's landlord.

the landlord was on fine form, as was that well known time-traveller...

gerry !

this was in the coal hole next to the savoy, where gerry entertained me with stories of 
richard harris, mick jagger, michael caine, britt ekland, and of course... sellers.

after the dog and duck and the coal hole, we stopped off for a pint at the
bucket of blood and we decided it was time to eat...

i asked the landlady for a lincolnshire whirl, which was not a euphanism
but a very tasty sausage, served with mash potato, gravy and
onion rings in timothy taylor's landlord beer batter.

we then took a stroll down fleet street which is where gerry came into his
element. he took me to the express pub, the telegraph pub, the printers pub
and told me all sorts of tales from 'the good old days'

this was our view in the bell tavern

stories and pints were flowing quickly and gerry took me to the observer pub
the mail pub, to the original northcliffe house, to an old cock fighting pub...
with fantastic stories in each. all in all it was quite a day out.

we ended up in holborn having a wagyu beefburger and drinking water.
with a thick head... a thick head full of amazing stories... i got on the 91 bus
and headed home.

thanks gerry. you're a legend.

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