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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

adidas / neighborhood berlin gazelles

i promised i'd open up some of my adidas boxes and...
here's another example of my strength in depth.
this box has been under my bed since july 2006.

boom !
how do you like me now ?
box fresh adidas / neighborhood gazelles

the details materials used are off the scale
they are constructed from premium buttersoft kangaroo leather

you need to touch these to feel the quality for yourself
they feel like the softest thing imaginable... they kind of feel like a warm sponge...
or like hot ice cream... maybe even like when you touch a baby's cheek with your
finger... softer than soft, more luxurious than the inside of gerry's wallet.

er, moving on... berlin and a lightning stripe is embossed on the outsole

and adidas / neighborhood branding on the heel tabs

the tongues... even the tongues are quality. the softest most comfortable tongues.
which also feature adidas / neighborhood branding

take a butchers at the insoles...
these were made to commemorate the 2006 world cup final in berlin
and feature a map of deutschland with all the venues highlighted.

i'm not sure what the words under neighborhood signify. any ideas ?

these bad boys are as i mentioned earlier, box fresh.
with tags still attached

these are the rarest adidas kicks in my crate, they are also the most luxurious
of any shoes in my collection. they even feel better than my italian hand-made
af-1's and both pairs of my af-1 bespokes.
have a last look at them before they go back in the box...
but guess what ?

i've just decided to sell them.

any serious offers will be considered. i'll leave them here as a blog exclusive sale
for a week or so, then they will hit ebay.

( they are uk 9, us 9.5 by the way )

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