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Monday, 26 September 2011

one day ( review )

remember a few weeks ago and i had the book 'one day' on my coffee table ?

well on holiday in italy i decided to read the thing and share my thoughts with you.
hmmm... i think i read it in two days.
even though i'd seen the film, the book still had that 'can't put it down' thing about it.

it's more a book for girls than boys i suppose, but if you like the films 'love actually'
'notting hill' and 'bridget jones' diary' then i think you'll like this book.

i must admit, i prefer the film 'one day' to the book, though there were a couple of things in the book that weren't in the film that i think they could have made the film a  bit better.

in summary, if you want a bit of light reading then this is just the ticket.
it's funny, it's sad and it won't take long to read.

also if you're a bloke reading this by a swimming pool in italy, i think
you will be the only one.

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