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Monday, 26 September 2011

nike air force 1 'it is possible'

a box turned up at whitfield towers yesterday
it came from brasil

in packaging from the usa
with a most impressive stamp on the box

open up the package and inside...
oh yes.

can i take any longer to reveal the shoes ?

yes... probably
here's a look at the paper the shoes came wrapped in !

and finally...
released only in the brasilian market the nike air force 1 é possivel
which translates as "it is possible"

as you can see, the whole of the upper is in black leather
sitting on a white midsole and a gum bottom

they come fitted with black waxed laces
and a spare pair of green laces ( which i will bring into play for n7 wear )

the tip, the toe box, the mid panel, the eye stays, the foxing, the heel strip and the tongue
are all in a rich, tough leather with brasilian words etched into it
the swoosh compliments this nicely by being in plain black premium leather

the heel tab too is in plain leather with nike air and a swoosh etched into it
the heel tab is one of two things i'd have done differently with these shoes.
i would have preferred them to have a yellow leather heel tab with 
'é possivel' etched into it or maybe stitched onto it using green thread.
or perhaps a green leather heel tab with 'é possivel' etched into it.
( my other move would have been to supply these with an extra set of yellow laces too )

the leather is not soft, but it does have a luxurious feel to it
and the etching works really well.
hmmm... maybe i'm getting carried away but do you think nike could have supplied
these bad boys with extra dubres ? a pair in green and a pair in yellow.
that way you could really mix and match to bring out the brasilian colours.
yellow laces with a green dubre would look sweet, as would a green dubre on the black laces.

come on nike, for the sake of a few bob you could have taken these up a notch.

anyway, at least nike had the decency to do something special with the tongue tab
rather than simply print nike air on them
soft green leather tabs with 'é possivel' printed in a stüssy-esque font

another great touch is using two metal eyelets at the top of the shoes
one yellow, one green.
i'm a big fan of using eyelets on af-1's.
both my pairs of bespokes use a similar trick, having a different colour for the top row. 

maharishi also like to slip an odd coloured eyelet into their clothing too, have you noticed ?

the final detail...
green insoles with the name of the shoe and brasil 2011.

all in all these are a fine addition to my crate and yes, i will be wearing them
as soon as i've re-laced them using the green set.

they were only released in brasil at the start of september and i had to call on
my contacts in rio to hook me up with these bad boys.


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