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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

the collection ( with the fogs )

last week my friend sarah fixed me up with a meal at the collection in sw3.

they needed people to be guinea pigs if you like... to taste and review the new menu.
as g-fog was leaving for uni a few days later, i somewhat cheaply decided to ask
her ( and her mum ) to be my guests. my treat after working with me for a year
was to take her out for a meal i wasn't paying for... genius !

the place has been revamped by my old mate tom dixon
you've no idea how much i wanted to do a self-portrait with me standing on the spot.

it was an interesting centre piece 
i liked it, although i couldn't help thinking it was made from all the tom dixon
lamps that had been broken in the factory.

who knows ?
anyway, whatever it was, i liked it.

decent lights upstairs in the restaurant too
these lads were above our table

and this piece was above what i guess is a bit of a dancefloor...
or a bit of the restaurant that hadn't been set up when i was there.
more copper stuff. fair enough. if it ain't broke and all that...

g-fog had a cocktail called 'prince charming'
the glittery rim was a nice touch

and i was told that it was a really nice drink
personally, i stuck to water... the last time i had a cocktail was in the light bar at the 
st martin's lane hotel with cat deeley and louise redknapp about 10 years ago.

sorry for the name dropping there... i hate it when people name drop...
funnily enough jude law said just the same thing to me last week... 

what ?

ok. starter time. here's what g-fog had:
i think it was grilled haloumi. i assumed it was topped with mushy peas but i was told 
it wasn't... it was... oh i can't remember to be honest. i stopped listening when it
wasn't mushy peas.
i think it was quite a successful dish though, a two thumbs up kind of dish.

c-fog had this:
er... i'm rubbish at this reviewing lark aren't i ?
i've forgotten what it was.
it was some sort of mozzerella-ish thing with what looks like a piece of toast.
once again, this was quite a hit. another two thumbs up for the collection.

personally i opted for this from the starter menu:
loop the loop.
i think it was advertised as spicy lamb, chick pea and bean soup.
as you can no doubt tell, i wasn't impressed because it had a load of bogus greenery
floating around in it. 
it was spicy, but i've got to take marks off for the green things. one thumb up.

while waiting for the main courses to arrive, i took a photo of g-fog's tattoo
it's probably one of my favourite ever tattoos. it's a long story but it's a beautiful 
little tattoo.

after what seemed like a long long time, the main courses arrived.
c-fog had:
some sort of pasta with mushrooms involved.
supposedly it was very nice but i don't like mushrooms.

g-fog had:
a big old 'joe blake' and some jockeys...
there was also some salad involved, so i tried to hide it with my hand.
the verdict on the steak was another two thumbs up.

fair play to the staff at the collection, they listened to my instructions and 
followed them perfectly... i had a burger and chips with no salad
( i was almost tempted to use capital letters for the word 'no' then )
i was most impressed that it arrived salad-less and do you know what ?

i've had some burgers in my time 
but this fella is up there with the best. two thumbs up from me.

i'll leave this post with a photo of my loved ones...
and the slogan:
"eat more chips... don't let salad win"

thanks to g-fog and c-fog for the company.
thanks to the staff at the collection who were absolutely fantastic.
and the biggest thanks of all to sarah for asking somebody with eating habits like mine
for their opinion on a new restaurant. nice one sarah.

in summary, the collection looks amazing. the design is top notch.

the staff were so on the ball it was untrue... ok, the main courses took a while
but that's no big deal, and will be ironed out i'm sure.

the food was very, very good and yes, i recommend you pay a visit.

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