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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

eating out in a northern town

plenty of exciting options available
salt and pepper chips ?

oooh... this sounds good
donner woppa ? what's not to like ?

i wasn't that impressed with the food photography
though i had no issues with the food itself, or the prices.

in the end i opted for...
can you guess ?

heck yes ! 
the donner woppa !
boom !

unfortunately when i lifted up the top of the bap, to show you the filling... kind of reacted badly with the glue-like cheese and didn't lift off very well.

you have no idea how good this tasted
think about the genius of the whole thing for a minute...
you take a big bap, pile on some jockeys, then a heap of donner meat, then top 
it off with a load of cheese, stick the lid on and bingo !

yes... my olympic training is going really well.

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