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Sunday, 25 September 2011

just married

on the amalfi coast last week, one evening we took the short trip to positano.
while we sat outside a bar having a kitchen we noticed a wedding party walking by...

... after finishing our drinks we took a stroll to the end of the pier where the 
wedding guests were boarding boats to take them to the evening reception.

when we reached the end of the pier, all of the guests had left.
 the bride and groom were by themselves, i guess enjoying a bit of peace
 and quiet together for the first time all day without somebody pestering them...

... until i turned up.

well you know much i love a wedding and of course i had a camera with me so
i asked them if i could take a couple of shots.

and here they are.

1. the happy couple

2. the happy couple
congratulations mr and mrs adams, i wish you every happiness together.

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