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Friday, 30 September 2011

supreme london

i've bought plenty of things from supreme in new york over the years.
i even bought a few things from supreme in harajuku, tokyo.

finally, last week i bought some items from supreme in london.
do you want to see in the bag ?

oi oi !
i'd say, going left to right here you're looking at:
grey work pants, a couple of short sleeve box logo t-shirts,
a pack of three plain tees and a long sleeve box logo t-shirt.
... oh and some stickers and a little magazine.

this is the magazine
it features photography showing mark gonzalez working on the installations
inside the london supreme store. i won't mention the photographer's name.

oooh... you know i like business cards
not like in 'american psycho'... but i do like business cards.

who doesn't like stickers ?

especially when a union jack is involved

oh, here's the pack of three hanes plain tees i bought
don't get carried away, the box logo is only on the packaging

the t-shirts themselves are pretty much plain

with just a tiny logo printed at the waist

of course the item everybody was queueing for was the london exclusive...
the union jack box logo t-shirts

they were limited to one long sleeve t-shirt per person

and one short sleeve t-shirt per person
although i did manage to snag an extra t-shirt for a friend.

i've always had a soft spot for supreme, maybe they make the odd
strange bit of kit, but they do make some really good stuff too.
well made bags, caps, sweats and trousers...

... and of course, the box tees
which i noted some people selling on ebay later in the evening for £160 !

well played supreme. it's good to have you in london at last.

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