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Sunday, 4 September 2011

one day

so what ?

i went to see this film and... i liked it.
there, i said it... i liked this film. i kind of liked it a lot.

before anybody bleats about anne hathaway's accent, i would say "shhh"
i reckon she does a very decent accent, and if it changes during the film
then maybe it's because she moves to london and the film shows her over
20-odd years. surely living in london would make a northerner's accent change
over 20+ years ?
( right mrs w ? )

yes, maybe it's a bit of a girl's film, but anne hathaway reminds me of mrs w a bit
and sometimes it's good to take a break from watching die hard and predator isn't it ?

one day... two thumbs up.

1 comment:

  1. Yes, I can attest that 20 years in London has mellowed your northern accent, though you're sticking with short a and u to comic effect when ordering butter. And I was surprised that Anne wasn't speaking fluent cockney rhyming slang by the end, obviously not the master of languages that you are.