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Friday, 30 September 2011

i like

if you've been following this blog for a while, you'll know a few things about me.

things that i like...

can you reel off a bit of a list ?

hmmm... let me think... i like...

trainers, coffee, cameras, wood, the colour orange, cockney rhyming slang, postcodes,
self-portraits, nicknames, mash-ups, hair product, well designed furniture, wales, tokyo, new york, foxes, welsh cakes, bathing ape clothes, evisu jeans, chicken fried rice with chips and curry sauce, the welsh language, my jam jar...

the list could go on and on i suppose but there's one thing i really like that i have touched on previously, but didn't mention in the above list...

... socks !

that's right... i really like socks... gentlemen's hosiery to be precise.

the other day i was very excited to receive this package at whitfield towers
from sweden... from happysocks !

i buy socks from all places. uniqlo do decent socks, burlingtons are very good too. 
i was once given some really nice socks as a thank-you in a shop called m.u.g. ( minotaur urban gear ) in tokyo, and they are probably my favourite socks... yes i have favourite socks.

but last year i discovered happysocks and since then, i've only been giving my sock
business to the friendly swedes.
can you see the socks in the background ?

and here is the reveal
quality stuff from happysocks

if you're running a bit short on almonds, or if you want to buy a present for
somebody ( everybody likes socks right ? ) then have a butchers at the happysocks
website and give some money to the swedes

and don't forget this christmas that i take a size 41-46

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