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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

new denim

i just dragged these bad boys kicking from my jean rack and debuted them in n7
maharishi jeans which i bought about 2 years ago and have been sitting on.

as ever, with maharishi garments, they were dripping with details.
oops ! kaws isn't going to like that !

or that

standard maharishi eyelet behaviour
so you can be spotted by helicopter if you're wearing them in the snow.

that's a turn up
the whole inside of the jean has a camo pattern printed onto it.

front pocket detail
fair enough.

front view 
showing aztec pattern detail on waistband

here's another view of the inside of the jeans
loads of aztec trim on the waistband and pockets, the camo pattern is also visible.

rear view and pocket detail with embroidery
i'll be wearing these bad boys on a regular basis from the middle of september.
they will be a key member of my denim rota alongside my union jack evisu no 3's
and a brand new pair of no 3's with black markings which are still bagged and 
are presently acclimatising to the n7 atmosphere.

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