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Thursday, 1 September 2011

adidas rod laver oki-ni editions

since i've been trying to get my air force one game on point, 
i've been neglecting my adidas collection more than somewhat. 

it seems that i rarely show you some of my three stripe heat.

gee... even the box is dusty, that shows the state of my adidas game
 i used to display some of my adidas collection on some shelves at whitfield towers
but these days they are mainly boxed and hidden away... which is a shame.

so let's open up the box and have a butchers at these bad boys...
oki-ni edition adidas rod lavers

they have the sweet oki-ni rubber dubres
and a pale beige lace

how do i describe the material used on this shoe ?
well... it's a browny / goldy colour i suppose. it kind of feels like suede,
but also like cardboard... i don't know what it is.

it reminds me of fish scales
they are certainly a one of a kind in my crate

they have a gold stitched trefoil on the beige tongue tab
beige eyelets, sock liner and midsole

adidas insoles
which are beige with gold print

and gold stitched trefoils on the heels
with rod laver identification also in gold.

these are box fresh. i thought they'd make good holiday abroad shoes
but for some reason i've never got around to wearing them.

anyway, i hope you liked them, or at least found them interesting.

more adidas to follow shortly.


  1. Awesome! Great pics / sneaks!

    Keep em coming. Great blog v. inspiring.


  2. thank you for your comment. i'll post some more adidas next week.