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Friday, 2 September 2011


my occasional assistant j-ro joined me at whitfield towers a couple of weeks ago
for her annual headshots and to discuss the differences between north and south london.

headshot number one, well... a wide-ish head and shoulders shot
this is pretty much j-ro's trademark look

headshot number two...
a tighter shot using a 50mm f1.1 lens on a g1 which makes the lens
play as a 100mm f1.1

this was also taken with the 50mm f1.1 lens, but this time on my leica m9
j-ro's boat is in focus, but not a lot else is.

after this we went down to the car park for a few shots.
here's a frame i rattled off as i came back from getting a light from my jam jar.
on the left is my battery light that i would use a few minutes later.

but first i took another shot but with my equipment out of the way
fair enough.

then on with the battery light and...
boom !

move the light closer to the wall and...
boom !
( part two )

you know full well what's coming next dont you ?

part three...
like a boss !

and once again...
outstanding !

and finally, my favourite shot of the day
t-shirt: alife rivington club
jeans: evisu no. 3
footwear: nike x krink air force 1's

game over.

full-time score: north london 4 south london 0

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