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Monday, 5 September 2011

north london boss meeting with heath

i've mentioned heath a few times recently...

on friday i arranged a north london boss meeting with the man to check how he
had been getting along with his attempts to run the chalk farm area.

we met at melrose and morgan, where i treated myself to a late breakfast
a sausage roll and a flat white... magic darts !

to my horror i noted that heath had not taken my advice and re-laced his trainers
i took this as a direct attack on my authority.
( how he expects to be taken seriously with laces like that is beyond me )

incase he tried to deny he was still parading around with his laces in that
outrageous state, i quickly took a photo showing the date in question
dated battenberg will stand up in any court in the land, and this showed the man to be 
guilty as charged... 30-08-11 wearing badly laced adidas in broad daylight.

aside from his lacing errors, heath was on good form.
he not only joined me in a flat white, but he also helped himself to a cube
of melrose and morgan's finest... now that's more like it.

after discussing gentlemen's fashions, the ill manners of primrose hill mothers,
mexico, the playboy channel voice over artist, the noise necessary to make a good coffee
and the jumpiest part of 'source code' we settled down for an official portrait...
as we relaxed in front of the camera i insisted on folding my arms with the right
arm over the left, leaving heath to take the weaker left arm over right pose.
it was only right that i take the senior fold as i have been running n7 for some time now
and heath is still very much a newcomer to north london.
... he is however, coming on very well indeed.

top man heath, top man
( but in the name of all that's holy sort out your small faces )

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