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Monday, 4 July 2011

picnic crimes and unacceptable gentlemen's hosiery

on saturday afternoon i was called over to primrose hill.

i'd received word that heath was holding an unlicensed picnic there
 and that some of his party had brought along salads.

he was caught bang to rights, but having plied me with beer and battenberg,
i decided to let him off with a caution.

later, to show there were no hard feelings, i agreed to pose for a photograph with him...

we were both wearing what i like to call "girl's socks"
pretty unacceptable behaviour for a man in his late twenties like myself
and a downright irresponsible choice of gentleman's hosiery for somebody
of heath's advanced years.

( note to self: next time i meet up with heath, teach him to lace his kicks properly )

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