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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

the whitfield scotch egg rating system

did i ever explain to you my feelings about scotch eggs ?

i consider myself to be quite the expert, and i'm always on the lookout
for new examples to try. i don't think i've blogged much about them
in the past, mainly because i get so excited by scotch eggs, i rarely pause
to photograph them. 

well after my shoot in sw15 a few days ago i spotted this interesting sign.
game on !

minutes later the first batch of the day were delivered to the bar
i'll be honest with you, i was a little disappointed by the size of them
but they did look mighty fine... very tempting.

so, i ordered up a chorizo and wild garlic scotch egg...
it was very, very good and i'm awarding it 8/10 on the whitfield scotch egg rating system.

( i'm docking it half a point for being a bit small, half a point for being a bit too cold
and a point for being in a pub which is south of the river )

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