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Saturday, 30 July 2011

the rheidol rooms

i did a shoot for a friend of mine yesterday. let's call her 'g'
she wanted some photos for her website and we decided to shoot in a cafe... perfect !

here's a frame i did when i was testing the light / cameras
nice location eh ?

this is pretty much my favourite frame from the shoot

here's a shot of 'g' checking what i'd shot on the x100
i shot this with my m9 ( 50mm lens at maybe f1.4 i think )

here's 'g' when her fry-up arrived
grrr ! mushrooms and tomatoes.

and a little bit later
grrr ! mushrooms and tomatoes.

hmmm... photographing the photographer... with an iphone !
good luck with that !

final frame of the day... si claro.

thanks to 'g' for posing and laughing.

also many thanks to the rheidol rooms for putting up with us.
if you're ever in st. peter's street n1, it's well worth a visit.

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