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Sunday, 17 July 2011

spare photos

i have a folder on my desktop which i drop photos into if i think they will be blog-worthy.

occasionally though, i forget to use certain pics in a post or just find it difficult 
to include them for one reason or another.

at the moment there are a few images lingering in my blog folder and though they don't
make a story as such, i still think they are good enough to show. so here they are.

1. my year of the rabbit air force 1's
to be honest, i'm not much of a fan of these. i won them with a joke bid on ebay
and well... at least they weren't expensive.

2. my favourite meal
chicken fried rice, chips and curry sauce.
boom !

3. er... the inside of my union jack evisu jeans

4. the 3m material on my krink air force 1's reacting to the light
sweet !

5. a girl i photographed in the changing room at whitfield towers
( underwear by tallulah )

6. same girl with a different pose
i prefer this shot to be honest. i like the awkwardness, or that it almost looks like
a mannequin rather than a real person.

7. a coffee
i think this was in a little place in islington that i tried after my last haircut.

8. sausages and other meat.
magic darts !

9. mrs w's meal at carluccios last sunday
grrr !

10. a flat white somewhere
department of coffee and social affairs perhaps ?

right... that's it. the blog folder is empty. time to start all over again.

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