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Thursday, 28 July 2011

the wall

when i'm having a pub meal with mrs w, sometimes i like to build
a wall between us, so there is a kind of barrier between my meal
and the wretched vegetables / salads that she may have ordered.
this was at the bull and last on saturday afternoon.
so far so good.

i explained to the waitress that i wanted the cheeseburger and chips,
"but with no salad... no tomato, no lettuce, no cress, no salad at all, just burger,
cheese, bap and chips"
i couldn't have made myself any clearer.

things got better when a message came from the kitchen
"because you're not having any salad, the chef wants to know if you'd like some bacon
on the burger"
i replied to her question with another question of my own
( regarding the pope, his toiletry habits and the woods )

it was all going well for me... and then...

what the what ?!
in the interests of decency, i've put a mosaic mask over the offending items
but obviously i hadn't made myself clear enough. pretty close to the burger
( but not touching ) were a couple of green things. i think they were gherkins
but i'm not sure.

i wasn't that happy to be honest, but mrs w rescued the day by removing the
wretched greenery and taking the things over to her side of the wall.

i'm a big fan of the bull and last but that was a close call.

1 comment:

  1. g******s are not veg... they're pickles!

    Man up!

    hmm that could be the end of a beautiful friendship! Left anonymous to protect the innocent.