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Friday, 1 July 2011


the other day after a shoot i swerved over to melrose and morgan for a
flat white and to pick up some...
battenberg !
do you know how much i love battenberg ?

in a shock move, melrose and morgan no longer sell it in individual slices.
now it's in a handy cube size

it's just the right size that it's tempting me to throw it out of the window
at the bloke who's car alarm keeps going off just outside whitfield towers
but although i pretty much hate the man... i love battenberg

i mean, what's not to love ?
it contains two of my favourite food items of all time...

1. red food colouring
2. yellow food colouring

also i'm pretty sure that a slice of battenberg with my double espresso
at breakfast time counts as one ( if not two ) of my five-a-day.

boom !

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