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Wednesday, 13 July 2011


a brand that i have a few items from is anewyorkthing.

i think hideout used to stock some anewyorkthing pieces but nowadays i'm
 not sure if any of it is available in the uk.

i bought all my stuff on various trips to new york and bought them from 
the anything store on hester street. 
if you're ever in new york you should check it out. they are nice people
and chances are if you buy something, you won't see anybody in the uk wearing it.

if you're not going to manhattan then they do a great mail order service:

this is the first t-shirt i got from anything
in the classic new york colours, funnily enough my friend gerry brought this
back for me in maybe 2005 or 2006

next up
in classic usa colours / colors

this next one was called the bubble logo
obviously i'm not impressed with the use of capital letters though.

and another tee
with a bolder typeface. good stuff.

and finally my favourite anything tee
the 'ny' is printed with a glow-in-the-dark ink so when i go from the light
into a dark room the t-shirt seems to be all black with just 'ny' printed on it.

oh, by the way... anewyorkthing was founded by a-ron... remember when
i bumped into him in new york last november ?

a-ron is top man and anewyorkthing has some great pieces for sale.

that's all.


  1. badunklemark! where do you keep all these clothes? do you ever hand them down? if so i willingly give them a home! (you can throw in some old af-1's too if you like!)


  2. wallet-boy,

    i might find a bape t-shirt for you if you want one.
    as for the af-1's... i thought you had some big-ass feet ?
    i take size 8.5uk

    did your mum not have a bbq this summer ?
    or did she have one and not invite badunklemark ?


  3. 8.5?! yeah, wouldn't be able to cram my feet into those unfortunately, but would very much appreciate the tee!

    have had no bbq's this year i'm afraid and with the weather looking as it is ther may be no bbq this year!

  4. can you just get your mum to post me some meat then ?