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Friday, 22 July 2011

restaurant shoot details

on friday i had a shoot at a great looking restaurant just opposite st paul's cathedral.

unfortunately they weren't ready for me at the arranged time, but they
did offer me a coffee while i waited for them to set up the place.
double espresso. that'll do the job.

the kitchen staff were also having a sneaky coffee while they worked
it reminded me of school dinners. massive jugs of black coffee or milky coffee.

while i sat with my double espresso, i could have taken in the fantastic view of
st paul's cathedral which the restaurant offered... but instead
i passed the time photographing my nike blazers ( milk carton editions )
these are fire.

talking of fire
look at those joe blakes.

thanks to sir christopher wren and nike for the views.
jessica for ordering me a coffee
and gooner jeff for telling me the rhyming slang for steak.

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