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Friday, 29 July 2011

haunch of venison exhibition

ok, this is quite a rubbish review.

as i have mentioned in the past, i often visit the haunch of venison
on a saturday afternoon ( scowling at the queues of people outside abercrombie
and fitch as i walk by )

the haunch of v is a corking venue and over the year it has some pretty amazing shows.

i rarely pick up any info on the artists i'm afraid, which is why this is a rubbish
review... i don't know who the artists are, and i can't be bothered looking it up either.

well, i'm a photographer not a writer, right ?

so... in one of the big rooms there are these massive pieces
they look like big canvasses that are painted black and then they have been drawn 
using pencils. the details on them are very nice... though i didn't take any close-up shots.
anyway, room 1 has big black pieces with pencil scribbles ( and i kind of like them )

the next two rooms though...
i know you might think they are rubbish, but that's art isn't it ?
i guess there's nothing to it in a way, but in another way there's a lot to it.

personally i think i like the next pieces because of my love of a nice typeface
and also because i definitely like a bit of ocd 
( that sounds better than saying i suffer from ocd )
can you guess how big this is ?

here's a clue
nice big typeface. what's not to like ?

this one is the same size, taking up a whole wall
i swear if i was a walker i'd do a chart like this !

i'm not interested in the rocks and slates to be honest.
i guess the artist brought them back from his walks ?
personally i just love the typeface

oooh... a small print
i wonder how much it is ?

and there's the rub i suppose... is it worth say £1000 or £2000 even more ?
is it by an artist who's work is worth a load of cash ?

wouldn't it be quite easy to buy a piece of white card and some
letraset ( does that still exist ? ) and make this yourself ?

no doubt the words mean something to the artist, it's a walk he did,
but to me i just like the blue, black and red lettering... the spacing
and the typeface used.
it could say anything, it could be the menu of a cafe, the opening hours
of a shop... what i mean is... isn't there something pleasing about good lettering ?

or should i just tell you about my next pair of kicks ?

1 comment:

  1. personally, this isn't really art to me - although i do like the fibonacci numbers.

    i like your comment about ocd, you're the same as me really, neither of us actually have ocd.
    i like your comment about ocd, you're the same as me really, neither of us actually have ocd.

    (i have to type it twice otherwise it's unbalanced).