snapshots and observations

Friday, 1 July 2011

sunday in the park with marky

sunday was a scorcher wasn't it ?

after brunching at villandry i skulked over to regents park for a while.

i sat on a bench and did some people ( and squirrel ) watching
my intention was to photograph any interesting sneakers passing by
but to be honest it was a disappointing show... lot's of flip flops and the like... grrr !

i did see a little bit of heat though...
no doubt !

the only other fire i saw was...
nike x liberty blazer lows... not bad !

perhaps the best bit of walking around the park was...
... spotting my favourite london building across the lake.

just around the corner i encountered these lads
at first i thought they'd spotted a love rat / bimbo scenario

they were certainly stalking somebody... jude law perhaps ?
but alas no. guess what they were photographing ?

geese !

that's right... geese !

the perverts... why couldn't they do something normal like sit on a bench and
photograph people's trainers as they walked by ?

i ask you.


  1. HAHAHA! Brilliant... oh dear...

  2. i love the fact that the guy with the camouflage on his lens is wearing a nice bright white shirt...

    "oh look", said one goose "there's a man lying on the ground"
    "oh, i see", replied the second goose "but at least he's not taking pictures"...