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Friday, 8 July 2011

aol = owl in japanese ( but not in welsh )

a year or so ago, my friend reiko showed me her book that had just 
been published. it was mainly in japanese but had bits of english in it.

on one page was a picture of an owl with some japanese writing and the word
'aol' alongside it. it was supposed to say 'owl' but nobody had checked the spelling !

ever since then i always think of owl as aol.

er... oh yes... in a shop the other day i saw this little jewellery tree.
you're supposed to hang necklaces off the branches, put ear-rings through the 
aol's eyes and such like

in the shop window was a massive tree
with lots of big aols / owls.
i like owls... not as much as i like foxes obviously, but i do like them.

i was just thinking, wouldn't it be funny if aol was welsh for owl.
then i just checked and the welsh for owl is 'tylluan'

grrr ! as al murray once said " the welsh language... or as i like to call it... code "

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