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Friday, 29 July 2011

on my coffee table this week

now don't get me wrong, i'm not recommending any of these.

i'm just showing you what's on my coffee table.
what happened was...
me and mrs w went to a pub quiz on monday night and we came third.
third prize was 4 really tasty cup cakes from primrose hill bakers and these 
three gems which the quizmeister bought earlier that day from his local charity shop.

a book, a cd and a dvd... well, that's a cheap blog post if ever there was one.
( although not one of my better ones )

dvd: capote
in fairness, i've never seen this, so it's not a bad prize.
philip seymour hoffman was in the big lebowski too so all in all
this might pass a couple of hours at the towers one night.

cd: the very best of sting and the police
yeah, i'll have a quick listen to this i suppose.

book: screen burn by charlie brooker
i hate charlie brooker. this is going straight to the post room.

ok competition time...
( yes christian, gary and anonymous, i know i haven't posted anything out to you
yet and i'm hanging my head in shame. i've been busy but not that busy eh ?
i'll get some prizes out in a few days i promise )

so here's the competition and i think it's quite a hard one this time.
take a look at the track listing on the cd.
on my iphone i have 1211 songs... one of them is on the cd.
which song is it ?

one guess each, gary you're barred !

the prize is a limited edition print of erin o'connor.
it's an enlarged digital contact sheet of the one roll of film i shot of her
a few years ago. i only had 6 of these printed up and if i say so myself
they look really nice. here's a link to an old post which kind of shows the print:

one guess each, tell me which song and i guess as a tie-break, why that song.

ok gary you can have a go if you want to.


  1. OK so it might be too obvious or it might just be plain wrong as you keep insisting that Newton-le-Willows is in Wales, but I'm going to say "Englishman in New York"

    Why, because Newton-le-Willows is in England and you spend a lot of time in NY and appear to be quite fond, in addition, you once put me right about a double meaning in the phrase "I don't drink coffee, I drink tea my dear".

    I'm pretty much blumming useless at your competitions, so congratulations to Gary, and I'll have a look at the print next time I visit!

  2. this is a tricky one

    [walks round the room thinking]


  3. "Don't stand so close to me (this is supposed to be a self portrait)" ?

  4. ok, i'm going for 'roxanne'. not sure if my reasoning is to do with it's quirkiness or '48hrs'.

    i feel the other police stuff is not really you and neither is the sting stuff (unless there is a personal reason to like it - e.g. i wondered if 'if i ever lose my faith...' was your choice because of the lyrics).

    anyway, my gut feel is roxanne so i'm sticking with it.