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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

bedroom details

i was just mucking about with my gf1 the other day and took a 
photo of this thing which is in my bedroom...
have i shown it to you before ?
it's a crate, pretty much the same proportions as a cheap crate you'd
find at a fruit stall, but instead of being made out of... er, that flimsy
cheap wood stuff, it's made out of douglas fir

it sits ( or stands ) in my bedroom and i keep three of my 400% bearbricks in it.
the kaws dissected bearbrick from last year, an unkle bearbrick from the
exhibition at the haunch of venison and a bathing ape camo bearbrick which
i have had for maybe 7 years.

it's quite a posh crate, proper joints ( are they called joints ? )
yeah... they're dove-tail joints aren't they ?

anyway, it's a corking bit of fir
 'designed' by jasper morrison.

i'm pretty sure that simon at twentytwentyone gave me this for some reason,
so once again thanks to simon.

if you fancy one of these bad boys for your place...

sweet !


  1. i am a be@rbrick collector, i love to see photos you taken. i know nothing about photography. i read you mention few times about gf1? i assume that is the panasonic gf1? what kind of camera you recommend for newbie to take such a sharp and clear photo? did you photo editing them?

    i already subscribe your blog in my google reader. no capital letter in here. :)

    thank you very much.

  2. hello there,

    thanks for your comment ( and lack of capitals )

    i will do a few more be@rbrick posts soon then.
    i have one 100% be@rbrick which i want to sell too.

    most of the shots on my blog are taken with the panasonic gf1.
    i would definitely recommend it for a beginner, though make sure you buy the 20mm f1.7 lens and not the zoom.

    i generally use photoshop for editing.

    where are you by the way ? are you in the uk ?