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Thursday, 7 July 2011

folkestone observations

i had a shoot in folkestone a few days ago.
i arrived early, as always, and took the opportunity to have a butchers
around town before my shoot.

here's what i saw.

1. a building beyond the harbour, which looks a bit like an ocean liner
and a building on the harbour which looks like darth vader's penthouse.

2. i'm not a fan of boats, but i do like this one... fe25
if i won the lottery and was obliged to buy a boat, i'd buy fe25

3. seagulls everywhere in folkestone

4. this man had crabs
what ?

5. a bad sign
not only do i not like that sign because it meant i couldn't buy any jockeys,
but the fish looks kind of smug doesn't it ?

grrr !

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