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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

breakfast time

healthy breakfast time at whitfield towers.
here's the step by step.

step 1. lob a few bits of pineapple into a bowl
are you with me so far ?

step 2. slice up a banana
by now you can probably tell that it's not me who sliced the banana... right ?

step 3. take another shot as mrs w tosses a few grapes into the equation.
say something along the lines of 'tidy'... preferably in a welsh accent

step 4. add some greek yoghurt. that's right just lob it into play.
get in.

step 5. chuck in some blueberries like a boss
nearly there now... can you guess what comes next ? 
bacon ?
cheese ?

step 6. no... it's honey. i like to use premium welsh honey by the way.
and there you have it... a healthy breakfast in n7.

photography: me
food stylist: mrs w
music: crazy in love by the magic numbers

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