snapshots and observations

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

penalties in mongolia

looking through an old hard drive last week i discovered this photo from 1997
my friend neil taking a penalty ( i'm in goals )

not only are we in mongolia here, but we held this impromptu penalty shoot-out
in ulan bator's main square using the parliament building as goals.

look at the way i've come off the line a little and i'm trying to make myself look huge.
note also that neil is pointing to where he is about to shoot though no doubt at the last
moment he shot the other way.

did he score ? i honestly can't remember, but if i were to guess
and if i were to use 5 minutes on photoshop, i'd say this is what happened...

boom !
as the goalkeeper's body twists and contorts, the penalty taker keeps his
nerve and with the daintiest of touches simply passes the ball into the top corner !



  1. Amazing retouching skills! I can't work out which was the original pic, and which is the one you've photoshopped!
    Yours admiringly,
    Mr Magoo

  2. the second photo has been photoshopped.
    I thought I made that clear.